Multimoon or the perfect honeymoon

He saw she or she saw him, it does even matter, then a smile, a date and they were a couple. They loved each other and decided to get married... and the madness started. How to manage to plan everything and to find the perfect honeymoon, as she wanted sun, beaches and clear, blue water and he wanted mountains, trees and fresh air. She wanted luxurious pampering, and he wanted inspiring adventure. They actually wanted a multimoon, meaning a multi-center honeymoon, a new and exciting trend where you don't have to land in only one place, stay there, and return with only one location to remember and talk about! As they were looking to do something truly unique and different on their honeymoon and they wanted to visit more than one destination, this was the perfect fit between sun and mountains, beaches and fresh air, pampering and adventure. It's a perfect way to enjoy a romantic time whilst visiting a handful of locations.

Many of you are going to think that is does not really matter where you go if you are with the loved person. And this is true, but the honeymoon is a period of love and if the location is not suitable for love then all is ruined. It is all about location, location, location. So, call a specialist. Actually, call The Specialist! Why settle for something less, when you can have the perfect multimoon especially tailored for your needs?

What they say:, part of the Destination Weddings Travel Group, is the leading Weddings Abroad & Honeymoons Specialist in the UK. Voted at the 2011 & 2012 British Travel Awards as the Best Specialist Weddings Abroad and Honeymoons Operator. Sister company to Perfect Weddings Abroad. Our website was launched thanks to feedback from brides and grooms who wanted to have a Honeymoon Specialist. Our site showcases the widest variety of luxury honeymoon locations worldwide, so wherever you are planning on spending your honeymoon... we have your perfect location!

What I think:

Letting a specialist handle the wedding and honeymoon is the best advice anyone can give you. Let someone else manage all the stress and you just enjoy your big day and travel without having to take care of bookings and other problems.